Spring / Summer leather clothing collection

There’s a spring air in the new Coutū spring/summer collection.
Colours bloom in nuances that recall the scents of the spring and summer.
They make us forget the bad times and distract us with new expectations for our lives.
Everything begins with an evocation: we close our eyes and imagine a brightly coloured lily under a cobalt blue sky and the sparkle of silver dew drops that cling to it.

And then there are the golden reflections of a sunset on the sand that fills the soul with poetry.
We need beauty, poetry and colour now, more than ever, we need to feel positive wearing our favourite, high-quality garment.
The sand, warm and velvety, intoxicates our senses and distracts us. Wearing a sand-coloured suede garment will seem like we’re being caressed by a velvety, delicate hand.
The extremely high quality of Coutū will do the rest.
Without ever forgetting that you’ll have purchased a luxury garment, totally Made in Italy, hand-made in Tuscany by master craftsmen at an exceptional price.


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