Eco-sustainable luxury clothing

September 10, 2022


The commitment to sustainable fashion by designer Francesca Vaccaro for Coutù

We would like to take a closer look at COUTŪ’s eco-sustainable project: the Natural Fur is a fur-effect fabric created from precious and exquisite raw materials (pure virgin wool, mohair or cashmere).
A Shearling or Mongolia effect with high thermal protection while being exceptionally light.

  • OEKO-TEX certified liners (that is dyed with non-polluting products)
  • Tags in FSC recycled paper (i.e. from forests that are harvested responsibly)
  • Polyester labels from recycled plastic bottles
  • Garment covers in GOTS cotton (an organic cotton that requires little water to be grown and the ABSENCE of pesticides)
  • Hangers in recycled plastic
  • Padding, where present, in recycled polyester