Eco-sustainable luxury clothing

October 4, 2022


The first COUTŪ fashion show was held on October 4th, 2022, in Florence in an unforgettable and sophisticated location! Serre Torrigiani, where nature welcomed us and provided the perfect backdrop to complement the presentation of Natural Fur, our eco-sustainable project.

Not everyone knows that the First Italian High Fashion Show was organized in Florence in 1951, by entrepreneur Giovanni Battista Giorgini, right AT VILLA TORRIGIANI! Our idea was precisely that of a return to the past and, so, as in the 1950s, at each exit we narrated step by step the characteristics of the garments that walked the runway.
The <strong>Natural Fur</strong> project had a great response from all the clients who had the opportunity to purchase the exclusive garments of natural yarns such as wool, mohair and cashmere with fur effect and ultra-warm!