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Eco-sustainable luxury clothing

February 27, 2022


The independent association will give visibility to more than 25 companies with the Artisanal evolution and CSM meets sustainability events, created together with Confartigianato moda. Attendance is expected from Europe and MIddle east

Supporting and giving visibility to small and medium-sized artisan enterprises in the area and to the more sustainable ones remain two primary objectives for Csm-Camera showroom Milan. The independent association is back as a protagonist during Milan women’s fashion until 28 February to present a new stage of Artisanal evolution, an exhibition format created in collaboration with Confartigianato moda, aimed at creating a network between showrooms and Italian SMEs which today represent over 90 % of textiles-clothing.

There will be about ten protagonists of the CSM meets sustainability event. Associated showrooms will have the opportunity to show and promote brands with certified eco-sustainability requirements in front of buyers and experts in the green sector.