Eco-sustainable luxury clothing

March 2, 2021


There is an air of Spring in the new Coutū Spring/Summer collection”….that is how the presentation of the new season begins.
You will be able to enjoy moods, inspiration and suggestions masterfully presented by the “Spring/Summer” collection.
In this March Blog, instead, I would like to have the attention focused on the craftsmanship of the brand’s garments.
Tuscany has always been the center of exceptional tanneries and the processing of leather.
All the leather used by Coutū comes from here (from other industrial supply chains) and it is here that they are processed, transforming them into luxury products, otherwise destined for landfills and incinerators. Therefore, I reiterate the fundamental concept of sustainability and circular economy.

What I would like to focus on now is the working process within our artisan workshops.
From the choice of basic types of leather, we move on to the processing step with particular printing or laminating machinery which attaches thin metallic film to the leather by means of a specialized press. The leathers are then sent to a workshop for cutting and manufacturing.

Massimiliano, Letizia, Niccolò, Monica e Anna are just some of the names of the artisans who work with Coutū.
The care they put into cutting the leather so as not to waste any material, the dexterity in stitching each seam and the precision used in the manufacturing of each and every piece, makes Coutū extremely proud of its workforce.

The art of manual craftsmanship is a luxury that major commercial brands have forgotten about. For this reason, purchasing a  Coutū garment means to see the hands of Monica and the entire staff who made it so precious while, touching it with your hands, means appreciating all the Made in Italy process which added it to your wardrobe.