Francesca Vaccaro

Eco-sustainable luxury clothing

September 30, 2020


Hello, my name is Francesca Vaccaro and I’m a fashion designer for COUTŪ, a brand whose name derives from the abbreviation of COUTURE, i.e. “Art of Fashion” in French. I strongly believe that fashion is an art: every garment created from one of my sketches is like a creature that grows with me until the final tailoring. Choosing the right leather and type of processing is an essential step of the creative process. Printing, lamination, laser-etching and hand-dyed are just some of the processes I selected to create the collections. Eco-sustainability is one of the priorities of my creative process. You should know that the Italian leather industry - a symbol of quality and experience worldwide - is one of the most sensitive to the essential topic of sustainable production and reduction of non-renewable sources, in order to lessen the environmental impact that leather manufacturing has on the surrounding territory. The logic of re-use is applied also by recycling the raw materials resulting from the food industry. Therefore, the leather sector recycles and processes waste that would otherwise be very complex to dispose of. The peculiarity of this industry is the ability to turn scraps that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills or incinerators into fine materials, and, at the same time, implement a circular model that virtuously recycles its waste, in a view of sustainability and responsibility toward the rest of the community. In the next articles, I’d like to guide you in the discovery of Coutū’s world, by suggesting classy and chic outfits for even the most demanding women. Francesca