Sustainable luxury clothes

Woman Luxury Leather

Our history

COUTŪ is an Italian brand based in Tuscany, founded and designed in 2017 which has stylist Francesca Vaccaro as its creative director.
The brand’s distinctive feature, from the first collection, is the processing of leather that often blends with the fabric. But the creative process of COUTŪ garments involves more than the combination of different materials: each piece fuses meticulous tailoring with the careful stylistic research of trends and models that enhance the body with elegance and comfort.

Our materials

All of our garments are manufactured in Tuscany with raw materials from other industrial supply chains through a recovery endeavor that is positive and circular, ennobling and transforming them into luxury products of the highest quality. Each piece of clothing is produced with extreme care by skillful artisan hands in specialized workshops, with full respect given to the environment and sustainability culture, which guarantees the absolute excellence of the ‘Made in Italy brand’ to our full line.