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Company profile

COUTŪ is an Italian brand based in Tuscany and founded in 2017 by the stylist Francesca Vaccaro.
Francesca’s creative process is not limited to contrasting and grafting materials. Every COUTŪ garment is a unique result of the fusion of careful, scrupulous tailoring and a continuous stylistic search for models that enhance the female figure with elegance and comfort.
The brand has also been paying particular attention to eco-sustainability for some time.
In a world where sustainability is becoming an urgent need, COUTŪ launches a new project called NATURAL FUR: it’s a knitted fabric with a fur effect created using refined raw materials produced by shearing animals.
ECOLOGICAL and SUSTAINABLE, NATURAL FUR is a fabric of natural, pure yarns with a Shearling or Mongolian effect featuring elevated thermal protection, albeit with exceptional lightness.
Eco-sustainability also means a study of FSC-certified liners, FSC REMAKE recycled paper tags, labels made from INFILITY material, polyester from recycled plastic bottles and GOTS cotton garment covers.
COUTŪ is also focused on sustainability in the creation of its summer collections, involving the careful selection of leathers and yarns, choosing only tanneries that are certified.
All COUTŪ garments are made with extreme care in Tuscany by craftsmen in specialized laboratories to ensure the line merits the Made in Italy brand.